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TitanTV Search Help

TitanTV provides two search functions that allow you to quickly locate a desired program or actor. The Simple search returns every program in all channels within the next seven days that match your search argument.

The Advanced search allows you to build a custom search using a powerful set of operators. These may be used to refine a search by limiting its scope to a specific channel, performing the search through a wider (or narrower) timeframe, searching in program titles only, choosing text to specifically exclude from the search argument, and more.

The examples below are enclosed in brackets for demonstration purposes only. Do not include the brackets when you enter your search arguments.

  • Multiple Search Terms

    When multiple search terms are entered, the results will be limited to only the programs that contain all of the terms. For example, searching for [ haunted house ] will return every program where haunted and house are both within the titles or details.

  • Searching for Phrases

    To search for an exact phrase, put that phrase within double quotes. For example, searching for [ "house on haunted hill" ] will only return any results containing the phrase, house on haunted hill.

  • Excluding Terms

    To exclude results that include a specific term or phrase, put a hyphen in front of the term. For example, to find all occurences of house except those that also include haunted, enter [ house -haunted ]. The exclusion operator may also be use to exclude exact phrases contained within double quotes [ house -"haunted hill" ] from the results.

  • Searching for One or More Terms

    To search for programs containing at least one term out of several, use the OR operator between each term. For example, to find any programs that contain haunted or house but not necessarily both, enter [ haunted OR house ]. The OR operator can be used with phrases as well. For example, [ "haunted house" OR "haunted mansion" ]

  • Grouping Terms

    Search terms can be grouped with parenthesis. For example, to find any programs that contain haunted and either house or mansion, enter [ haunted (house or mansion) ].

  • Limiting Results to a Specific Channel

    Searches are performed by default on all the channels in your current Channel Lineup. The search may be limited to a specific channel by adding the channel: operator followed by the channel number or call sign. For example, to search only in the schedule of Channel 6.1 (KXYZ-DT) for programs containing house, enter [ house channel:6.1 ] or [ house channel:kxyz-dt ].

  • Searching by Timeframe

    By default, TitanTV searches for programming in the next 7 days. You may change the scope of the search to between 1 to 14 days by using the days: operator followed by the number of days you wish to include in the search. For example, to search for programs containing house scheduled today or tomorrow, enter [ house days:2 ].

  • Title Operators

    TitanTV provides a number of special operators that allow you to search for programs by title only. For example, to perform a search that returns results only for programs where the phrase haunted house occurs in the title, [ "haunted house" /title ]

    For more control over where the term appears in the title, you can use the /titleequals (or its reduced form: /teq), /titlestartswith or /tsw, and /titleendswith or /tew operators. For example, to find programmings where the title contains ONLY house, enter[ house /titleequals ] or [ house /teq ].

  • Searching by Attributes

    TitanTV allows you to limit search results to only programs that contain certain attributes. These attributes are: /hd (high definition), /cc (closed captioning), /movies (movies) and /new (programs that are new episodes). For example, to find all high definition programming containing house and the episode is new, enter [ house /hd /new ].

  • Displaying Search Results as a Grid

    By default, search results are displayed in a list format used by most search engines. Optionally, the results can be displayed in a grid similar to the TitanTV Schedule page by using the view:grid operator. For example, enter [ house view:grid ] to view the programs containing house in a grid format.

  • Combining Operators and Attributes

    Search operators and attribute filters may be combined to further refine the search results. For example, to find all programs where the title starts with house, it is broadcast in high definition, the episode is new, and the results are to be displayed in the grid format, enter [ house /tsw /hd /new view:grid ].

  • Saving Searches for Later Use

    After entering a complex search argument, you may save it for easy re-use. Saving a search saves its paramters rather than its results.

    To save a search, enter the desired search argument, launch it then click on Save this Search on the Search Results page. A popup box will appear prompting you to provide a meaningful name for the saved search. This name will be used to later recall and perform the search.

    Suppose, for example, you have created a search for all new episodes of House airing in the next 10 days, appearring only on channel 6.1, are in high definition, the results are to be displayed in a grid, and you saved the search with the name New House. Its search argument would look like this: [ house channel:6.1 /teq /hd /new days:10 view:grid ].

    With this search saved, you may enter New House in the Search box on any page within TitanTV. The box will present a drop down list of all searches that start with the text you have entered in the search box. Clicking on New House in the list will immediately launch the search using the saved parameters and redraw the page to display the results.

    Saved searches may be edited or deleted from the Saved Searches page. This page is accessed by clicking on the More Search Options link then clicking on the My Saved Searches tab.

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