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Understanding Reminders

  • This page lists the programs you have attached a reminder to.
  • The Upcoming Reminders tab lists the program airing nearest to the current time first.
  • A Reminder is created by clicking the Set Program Reminder icon in a program's Details box.
  • The Current Reminder link at the top of the page displays how many upcoming reminders have been created.
  • Creating a Reminder does not export any data outside TitanTV. Use the Calendar feature in the Details box for exporting an entry about that program to the Calendar of your email application.
  • A Reminder may be deleted by clicking the red X in the upper right corner of its box.
  • Click on the TitanTV Listings link in the top left corner to return to the schedule grid.

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How to Set a Reminder

To add a new reminder, click on a program in the programming grid to bring up the details window and click the "Add Reminder" icon.

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