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Understanding Channel Lineups

  • A channel lineup defines the list of channels that you see when you view the TV listings grid.
  • TitanTV allows you to create as many channel lineups as you would like.
  • The area on the left side of this page contains all of the lineups associated with your user id.
  • You can easily switch between the lineups on the TV listings page by using the drop down list included in the "Channel Lineup" section of the main toolbar.
  • The "Default" lineup is the lineup that will always be displayed first when you come back to the TitanTV grid page.
  • You can define "custom" lineups that contain any channels you want. These can be used to create custom lists of favorite channels, sports channels, movie channels etc.
  • Custom Lineups replace the "Favorites" tab in the previous version of TitanTV.
  • You can can set the name and other properties of a lineup by clicking on "Edit Information".
  • You can add to, hide and reorder the channels contained in a lineup by clicking on "Edit Channels".
  • Once you've created a lineup, its underlying type/provider can not be changed. In other words, if you need to switch to a different source (cable, satellite, etc), you should add a new lineup for that source and delete the old one.
  • A new lineup will use your preferred timezone settings (set under "Site Preferences") by default. You can configure a lineup to use specific timezone settings by clicking on "Edit Information".
Charter - Gwinnett
Digital Cable - Gwinnett
Time Zone: Eastern (-5 GMT)    Observe Daylight Savings: Yes
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How to Switch Between Channel Lineups

If the TV Listings grid is not displaying the channels you want, you can switch to a different set of channels by using the drop down list in "Channel Lineup" toolbar shown below. This drop down list replaces the "tabs" displayed in the previous version of TitanTV

Note: This is a sample image and is not functional.

If the channel lineup you want is not listed, click on the "Add" button and follow the steps to create your preferred channel lineup.

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