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  Specify a value for "Default Channel Lineup" to tell TitanTV to start with that lineup of channels each time you re-visit the site.
Specify a value for "Default Time Zone" to tell TitanTV to display date and time information relative to the specified time zone. This value can be overridden for individual channel lineups.
 Yes, Observe Daylight Savings Time
Check "Yes" to tell TitanTV to display date and time information adjusted for daylight savings time when it is in affect. This value can be overridden for individual channel lineups.
Specify the default time to display in the programming grid. Select "Current Time" to go the the closes half hour to the current time. Select "Prime Time" to go to the time considered to be network prime time for the selected time zone.
Specify the the order in which channels will be displayed in the programming grid by default. Select "Lineup Order" if you have reordered channels using the lineup channel editor.
Specify the number of hours of programming that will display in the programming grid by default. Please note that changing this value can impact the speed of the grid display.
Use this to change the colors TitanTV applies to each programming grid cell to indicate the type of program being displayed. To disable all colors, select "Monochrome".
Use this to adjust the size of the text displayed within the TitanTV programming grid.
 Show Advanced Menu by Default
Use this to automatically expand and display the sorting, display and filtering controls on the grid navigation bar.
 Use Full Screen Width by Default
Use this to automatically expand the programming grid to use the full width of the screen.
 Allow Cell Text to Wrap
Use this setting to control if text in the grid cell automatically wraps or if it's truncated to fit in the cell.
 Use Fixed Height Grid Cells
Use this to force the cells in the programming grid to have a uniform height. Disabling this options will prevent information in the cell from being truncated but also make it more difficult to navigate to the next and previous time frame. If you choose to include descriptions in your grid cells, it's recommended that you disable fixed height.
 Show Program Details on Hover
Use this to automatically display details for a program when you hover over its grid cell for a short period.
 Descriptions  Episode Titles
 HDTV Indicator  New/Repeat Status
 Program Genres  Year of Production
 Movie Rating & Stars  Include TV Ratings
 Program Type
Select which fields you would like displayed in the TV listings grid.
 Yes, Show the Hints Box
Check "Yes" to enable the TitanTV hints box. The hints box displays helpful tips designed to help you get the most out of TitanTV.
 Yes, Show the Today's Mortgage Minute channel
Check "Yes" to enable the Today's Mortgage Minute channel.
 Yes, Show the Gravity Channel
Check "Yes" to enable the Gravity Channel.
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